Sep 182014

It’s been several months since I first posted about our “small trip” vacation planning. The plans went through a few iterations, temporarily settling on Cape Cod… then veering south after seeing hotel prices in that region. Eventually, we decided on a multi-stop driving trip focusing on Williamsburg, Shenandoah National Park, and Gettysburg: Hence, “The ‘Burgs.” Or, possibly “The Beers.” Continue reading »

Sep 222010

We’re currently winding down our final night in our hotel room, after a long day of winerying. I’m pretty sure I can officially call whatever I’ve been fighting off all week a gen-u-ine cold, so I’m fairly exhausted. Without counting wineries on bottles we bought, I doubt I could even say how many we visited today.

Full day, but a good one! Continue reading »

Jul 092010

One last update, as we’re flying back to Philly tomorrow. That is, unless I decide to update after today’s activities, but that’s unlikely … we’re back in Galveston as of last night, just one day left in town, so it’s just our typical “stuff around town” day. Yesterday, however, turned out a trifle busier than expected. Continue reading »

Jun 292010

As I’m sure those of you inclined to read this already know, Gina and I are oenophiles. As such, we greatly enjoy visiting wineries … and there are quite a few more than you’d think close to home. We’ve hit most of the Brandywine Valley Wine Trail, as well as a few other locals.

Sunday, on our way back from a wedding in northern Pennsylvania, we hit one in a new area … and think we’ll have to return. Continue reading »

May 072010

After a couple of rough weeks, Gina and I were thinking we needed a vacation. We considered a repeat of Gettysburg from last Independence Day, among other ideas, but in the end it didn’t make sense. We’re going to be spending a week in Williamsburg at the end of the month, and nothing within a few hours seemed to justify spending money on a hotel room. So, “staycation” it was!

From here, nothing can tell the tale better than the entries on my credit cards: Continue reading »