Nov 192014

IMG_4173By the time we hit the halfway mark in our trip, the weather turned from record-breaking cold into something much nicer. The morning started with really appreciating the view from our room (and its small—but existent!—balcony), the blue skies, the sun, and the fact that we no longer had to worry about wearing layers. I’d tweaked our FastPass and dining reservations several times for the first weekday, and while things weren’t exactly ideal, we were happy to at least have a plan in place.

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Sep 182014

It’s been several months since I first posted about our “small trip” vacation planning. The plans went through a few iterations, temporarily settling on Cape Cod… then veering south after seeing hotel prices in that region. Eventually, we decided on a multi-stop driving trip focusing on Williamsburg, Shenandoah National Park, and Gettysburg: Hence, “The ‘Burgs.” Or, possibly “The Beers.” Continue reading »

May 262014

Greg & GlenOnce we hit Monday, we were down to a foursome, as the other two in our party unfortunately had to return to their regularly scheduled lives. I suppose it’s more accurate to say that we were down to two twosomes, but we spent the majority of our time together for the week. It worked out rather well, since we all seem to have fairly compatible senses of humor. (I mean, anyone brandishing a banana in a photo is okay in my book. Or would be, if I had a book.) For Monday, our main plan was Disney’s Hollywood Studios, to make use of some FastPass+ tickets that I had scheduled for all of us, so that’s where Gina and I headed after a quick stop in Magic Kingdom for a bit of shopping.

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