Jul 042015

IMG_1172Our three full days in Hawaii began with a completely planned day and ended with one without any specific plans whatsoever. (The partial days included travel, which is difficult to plan around.) I’m definitely a consummate planner, so I was nervous about how the unplanned day might go. While it was not without its share of disappointment, it turned out to have wonderful highlights all its own.

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Mar 072011

Once we left Cozumel, we were left with a day at sea, and a stop at Princess Cays, which is Princess’s own little beach area attached to the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. We didn’t have much interest in that final port, so our main goal for the rest of the cruise was relaxing and exploring and enjoying what the Crown Princess had to offer. She’s a vast ship (as you can see by the photo of the piazza, left), and Princess certainly does its best to make sure you’re never bored on board! Continue reading »

Feb 202011

Gina’s about to shower and get moving for the day, so I figured I’d take advantage and write up something about setting out yesterday. Thanks to my parents’ elite status, boarding the ship was pretty quick and easy, so we were already more or less settled into the room before the cattle were even on board (spoiling us for future cruises when we’re among the cattle, I’m sure). The room isn’t exactly expansive, but the size isn’t bad at all — except for the miniature bathroom, I’m guessing I’ve been in hotel rooms about this size. (View my awful cabin tour here.) Continue reading »