Nov 172014

IMG_0900Yes, it’s happened again… I convinced my wife Gina to return to Walt Disney World for our fifth trip, five months after our last trip, to celebrate our fifth anniversary, before the fifth performance of the show I was directing. I sort of had to sell my soul for this one: I’ve agreed to not ask to return—to any Disney park—for two years (it’s not that we can’t return, I just can’t ask to do so). So, hopefully I’ve packed in enough memories to satisfy my Disney desire for a couple of years. Of course, at my age, two years doesn’t seem like that long of a sentence. Plus, Gina started prompting us to look into Disney Vacation Club, so I can keep the magic alive for the future. Continue reading »

May 182012

Gina has her medical boards tomorrow, with orientation today, in Omaha, Nebraska, of all places. For some reason, the fates have decided that the stress of the boards alone isn’t enough, so her flights have been an absolute nightmare from the beginning. And it may not be over yet.

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