Nov 142011

Anyone who’s read much of this blog knows we’ve had a difficult time with our feline family over the last couple of years. We lost our kitten Calypso in February of 2010 to a rare blood disease, acute kidney failure (by way of brain cancer) took away our Sage unexpectedly this past July, and Madeleine lost her long battle with squamous cell carcinoma last week. We miss them all, but this is about the new kitten we added to our family over the weekend.

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Nov 022011

Given that this is NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), I’m going to try to get a few extra postings out this month (there’s no way I’ll even attempt the post-a-day thing, though). This means several posts that are not travel-centric. Today, I offer some thoughts and philosophies whilst relating how my cats and I came together.
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Sep 222010

We’re currently winding down our final night in our hotel room, after a long day of winerying. I’m pretty sure I can officially call whatever I’ve been fighting off all week a gen-u-ine cold, so I’m fairly exhausted. Without counting wineries on bottles we bought, I doubt I could even say how many we visited today.

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May 282010

So here we are, already Friday, and it kinda feels like we’ve hardly started our vacation … yet we’re about halfway through!

Sure, we have our tickets to everything already. Sure, we’ve had some lovely dinners and some good times with my parents (who are in the area till Sunday). Sure, I’ve been showered with birthday gifts. But we haven’t really gone to Colonial Williamsburg yet, nor have we gone to Busch Gardens. Continue reading »