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How We Met

One of the most frequent questions we get is how we met. Although we’ve threatened to come up with an interesting story, the truth is pretty mundane: We met online, on match.com. It’s basically the singles bar of the 21st Century. Gina (going by Whats_up_G) saw the profile that Glen (going by WriteAct) had posted, and decided to send him the following message:


How are you? I enjoyed reading your profile so I thought I’d drop you a line.

I think it’s really cool that you’re into community theater. It’s a secret dream of mine to get back into that sort of thing (I was a theater nerd in high school and a little in college).

Anyway, feel free to peruse my profile, and send me an email if you’re interested 🙂


The rest, as they say, is history. Glen perused Gina’s profile, and—despite the fact that he had a general rule against contacting women in Philadelphia proper (it’s a bit far)—decided to write back. That e-mail was sent on 1 July 2007; their first date was about a month later.

Our First Date

After a few back-and-forth e-mails, and some rather lengthy phone calls, Gina and Glen finally met in person on 2 August 2007 (which, coincidentally, is Glen’s parents’ anniversary). Their first date was at the Burlap and Bean coffee shop in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania … about halfway between them. Gina had a hot cider, Glen had coffee. They talked for a while … then the open mic night started, and it became pretty much impossible to hear.

They ended up at a table outside for a while, talked more, took a walk around the strip mall where the coffee shop was located, and called it a night. They’ve since returned to that strip mall many times, nostalgically dining at an Italian restaurant up the strip from Burlap and Bean.

The Engagement

Glen had intended to propose to Gina while they were away in New England at the beginning of October 2008, but ended up not being able to wait that long. Every year around September 19, Glen throws a large party to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day. The party in 2008 was held a bit late, on September 27. The morning after a hard night of piracy, Glen was feeling less than spectacular. In the course of his complaints, Gina asked if there was anything she could do to make him feel better. Essentially, what followed was “yes, you can marry me” — only more drawn out.

Drawn-out background, part one: Gina was a fan of Lolcats since before she and Glen met. Glen knew what they were, and found them cute enough, but hadn’t paid them much heed before they started dating.

Drawn-out background, part two: One of Glen’s cats, Calypso, fell rather ill at the end of July 2008. She was in the hospital for nearly a week and on maintenance meds for some time afterwards. Her tests and hospital stay ate through Glen’s savings … the savings that were supposed to pay for an engagement ring.

Essentially, Callie spent Glen’s engagement ring money.

When Glen was finally able to bring Callie home, he snapped a photo, and filed it away:

When he was ready to propose, Glen was able to get a temporary engagement ring that had belonged to his grandmother. He initially thought about hanging it from Callie’s neck and proposing with the cat herself. Instead, he opted to take that photo of Calypso, give it the Lolcats treatment, and place it over the ring in the box. On bent knee, he held out the ring box and opened it to this image:

Yep … Gina said “yes” to that!

The temporary ring was under that photo (and subsequently resized while we were in New England). The permanent ring was purchased several months after the wedding and included diamonds from a cocktail ring that belonged to Glen’s grandmother. Callie has since passed away from complications related to her illness, but not before she was able to contribute to one of the most important events of our lives.

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