May 182016

Since the transition of this blog from wedding information to travel diary, the “where?” question has meant “where are you going next?” With no update since last summer (despite a promised October trip), the question is now “where have you been?” Unless you’re among the 0.01% of my readers who stumble here accidentally, you know the answer: We’ve been off changing our lives forever. And now, it’s “where do you go from there?”

OllieBetween our return from Hawaii and our planned drive down the US east coast, we received a phone call to end all phone calls. Gina and I had been awaiting an adoption for years, and literally overnight, we went from waiting to parents. “Glen and Gina” became “Glen and Gina and Ollie” from that moment on. We had less than a week to prepare, which included canceling all the reservations for our October trip and getting all the baby stuff together that we could on short notice.

Since then, we’ve had ups and downs, but it’s mostly been a wonderful dream (I mean, look at that face! how adorable is he?)

But, this isn’t turning into a parenting blog. It’s still a travel diary.

Where have we gone? Um, mostly nowhere. Where are we going? Well, onwards and upwards. One decision we made is that in the early days, when Ollie won’t really be a hardy traveler, we’re going to take a short trip per year for ourselves. Once he’s around three, we plan to take him to Walt Disney World for his first “real” vacation (we’re kind of Disney fans, if you hadn’t noticed… plus, it was our first vacation as a married couple, it makes sense to make it our first as a family).

In the queue now, a short local trip to the DC area (Ollie’s first overnight) later this month, and we take him on a family reunion in July. We expect this year’s “solo trip” may be in December, coupled with our Christmas outing.

Time and experience will tweak these plans, but rest assured, our travels shall continue!

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