Jun 292015

This past weekend, Gina and I returned from our latest travels, the furthest of which reached about 4750 miles west of home. Or at any rate, our bodies have returned… personally, my brain is still lagging a few time zones behind. Our first stop was about halfway, in Seattle, for the wedding that prompted the trip in the first place.

Trish was one of the first people I met when I started doing community theatre. She was in the first show I was ever on stage for, worked backstage in the first show I was ever on crew for, and starred in the first show I ever assistant directed. Not long after, she moved away. Far away. We reconnected on Facebook, and when Gina and I took our cruise to Alaska, we were able to spend a day together before setting sail.

That day was a highlight from that trip, so we were thrilled to get an invitation to her wedding to Brian, who’d met up with us for dinner when we were out there before. And this time, we made sure to have a few days, to get as much TriBri and Seattle as we could.

Our flight out was later in the afternoon, which allowed a partial transition to Pacific time, so we were reasonably awake upon arrival. Trish met us at the airport, acclimated us to our Airbnb house, then we met up with some other wedding folk who had just been out on Brian’s boat. We relaxed with a quick dockside beverage, then it was off to bed. We were sharing the house with the other Pennsylvania representatives (mutual friends Steve and Renée) as well as Trish’s “sister” (adopted from a previous marriage) and her boyfriend.

IMG_4710The next few days were a flurry of wedding-related activity. The ceremony was held in their backyard, which was beautifully yet simply decorated over the course of Friday (my contribution was minimal, beyond staying out of the way). As not overly outgoing people, we stuck close to Steve and Renée, though everyone could not possibly have been any nicer. This was truly a fantastic group of people that it was my pleasure to be a part of.

IMG_4726Trish and Brian have a number of musically inclined friends (both professional and amateur), so it was a weekend of music—from porch beers with Saint John (sans Revelations) on Friday night, through The Paperboys at the reception at Pono on Saturday, and much between—all of it fantastic. Great people, great music, great beer, plus their two adorable dogs (Samwise and Murphy, both of whom wore wedding-colored bow ties on Saturday)… and a beautiful ceremony headed by their multi-talented friend Cassie. I’m so glad we could be there to be a part of the festivities!

We left the reception a tad early due to me not feeling so great, so we kind of lost Saturday night, but we linked back with the wedding crew on Sunday morning for a delicious brunch at Hattie’s Hat (I had the Ballard Scramble: fresh salmon and eggs), then it was off sightseeing with Steve and Renée, along with Trish’s friend Tim, who was kind enough to serve as our guide for the day.

DSCN1898Our first stop was catching the latter part of the Seattle Pride Parade. While I’m more inclined towards, say, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade, it was a great place to be merely a day after Obergefell v. Hodges legalized gay marriage. The parade and surrounding area were nearly unanimously supportive. I think I saw one, maybe two protesters anywhere near the route. That said, apart from a few over-the-top floats (and some random naked cyclists and the like), I found the parade to be fairly boring. But, it seems more about pride and support than about entertainment.

DSCN1909From the parade, we went up in the nearby Space Needle, which Gina and I hadn’t had time for on our previous visit. It was admittedly a little underwhelming, though I’m not sure what I expected beyond some lovely views, on which it certainly delivered. Perhaps if we had done the restaurant IMG_4754as we did in the CN Tower a few years ago, it might’ve been just as nice as that was. Instead, we descended the needle for lunch at a nearby Irish pub (Guinness and a chicken pot pie for me), made a quick market stop for some delicious cured meat (from a company founded by Mario Batali’s father), then headed back to Trish and Brian’s for another Facebook-famous porch beer.

A large part of the wedding gang then descended upon Drunky’s Two Shoe BBQ for a quick bite. It was a tasty way to end a great few days in Seattle. It was definitely a fun time, which could only be partly reflected in this post!

We got up before our housemates Monday morning, and Trish kindly gave us a ride to the airport to catch our flight to the second half of our vacation, in Hawaii.

Once again, the prospect of moving on to an exciting destination was needed to console ourselves upon leaving Seattle. We’re already talking about returning.

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