Jun 122015

We’re gearing up for our first trip this year, with another in the planning phase. Preparing to write this post, I realized the Dar Williams song I titled it after seemed a good fit (though I’m covering both Traveling I and Traveling II). Or at least its name did. Turns out it’s not really about actual traveling at all. But, I digress. We are, literally, traveling again (or will be soon enough, anyway)!

At the end of the month, we will be further away from home than we have ever been together. Our UK Cruise saw us about 3500 miles from home. When we hit our furthest point on this trip, we will be more than 4750 miles away as the crow flies (though I don’t expect many crows fly 4750 miles).

The first half of the excursion will put us in Seattle, where we’re attending the wedding of one of the first friends I ever made in community theatre. We last saw her when we flew out for our Alaska cruise, where she took us on a whirlwind tour of Seattle, and we ended up regretting not having more time there. We’re not making that mistake again: half our trip will be spent in Seattle.

Of course, it’s also a convenient hopping-off point for further travel, as we’re not often on the west coast. And what better way to take advantage of being west than going even further west? The second half of our trip will be on the big island in Hawaii. We’ve made some specific plans (volcanoes tour, obligatory luau, etc.) and plan to wing it for a couple of days. Neither of us has been to Hawaii before, but I managed to find a great resort deal, so we figured, why not?

So, looking forward to this trip, and already planning for another around our anniversary in late October, driving down the east coast… and yes, yet again, that will find us at Walt Disney World!

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