May 272014

Magic KingdomWe got back fairly late after Monday night’s EPCOT visit (transportation’s not always all that speedy), so we figured we’d take it a little easy on Tuesday (at least to start with). We had a lazy morning, slept in relatively late, then moseyed on out to Magic Kingdom (where it seems we started several of our mornings). Gina and I had reservations at the Garden View Tea Room for afternoon tea, since I was only able to procure a reservation for two. For that reason, we all figured it would be easiest for the couples to divide and conquer (or whatever) until we linked back up in the afternoon.

Gina at Tiki RoomSo, the two of us did some shopping, some walking around, some snacking, and an attraction here or there. Our first visit (on this trip) to the Tiki Room was included, I believe we went on Big Thunder Mountain, and there were probably a couple more (maybe another ride on Pirates?), but soon enough, it was time to head over to our tea reservation… our third visit to the Garden View Tea Room, and something I now look forward to every time we visit Disney World!

Gina at Garden View Tea RoomGlen at Garden View Tea RoomThis time was no exception. We arrived a bit early, managing to fit in a little shopping (I got the polo shirt I’ve been wanting for a while), then it was time for tea. We both got the full grand tea—sandwiches, scone, desserts, and champagne, in addition to the tea—and it was all as relaxing and delicious as always. The only mark against it was that they were out of the Vanilla Earl Grey I tried to order, but the Mad Tea Party blend was a worthy substitute.

From there, I believe we made a quick stop back at the resort, then headed to meet Greg and Camara over at EPCOT, where we had some FastPass+ reservations waiting. We didn’t make it in time for our Journey Into Imagination with Figment pass… but that was one of several “you must make three” reservations that I didn’t care about (don’t get me started on the FastPass+ system). We arrived in time for Soarin’ (got the front row, which is always the best), then hopped onto Living with the Land… always a relaxing and enjoyable treat. The third FastPass+ was for The Seas with Nemo & Friends, another “you must make three” reservation. We did use this one, but… well, it’s probably my least favorite dark ride in all of Disneydom. It just feels slapped together.

MK from the FerryAnyway, we decided to flee EPCOT after that, as our friends had spent all morning there, and they hadn’t even been to Magic Kingdom yet. We took the monorail over to the Transportation & Ticket Center, only to discover that the monorail to the park was closed. Thankfully, we managed to quickly get on a ferry boat (which I had contemplated taking anyway) and across the water in time for a quick dinner at Cosmic Ray’s. From there, it was a whirlwind tour of classic ride after classic ride!

Carousel of ProgressWe went on the Peoplemover, Carousel of Progress, the Little Mermaid ride (I guess that’s more a “new classic”), Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Jungle Cruise, all within a couple of hours. There may have been one or two more in there (It’s a Small World, perhaps?), but it’s difficult to remember everything. Regardless, it was a quick jolt of fun and a sense of accomplishment, all rolled into one! It was another great day, though it ended with some intense stupidity on my part. Back at the resort, I walked down the hall to buy a bottle of water from a vending machine on our floor. After it ate two dollars, I frustratingly went to give it a quick kick before giving up and retiring for the night.

Unfortunately, I forgot I was only wearing socks.

Although this was just a light, “well golly” kind of kick, rather than an “I want my two dollars, you infernal machine!!” kick, I managed to catch the lip of a large button in a tender spot on my foot, and it immediately bruised (like, immediately)… and it hasn’t quite healed yet. It wasn’t a devastating injury, but sadly, it would not be the last of my stupid attempts at incapacitating myself on this trip.


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