Feb 192011

I’m not anticipating shipboard updates, but hey, I’ve got a few minutes now, so why not throw another preview update on here?

Our flight to Ft. Lauderdale was more or less uneventful, though we were delayed leaving Philly. Thankfully, our connecting flight ended up being on the same plane, so we grabbed a quick lunch right by the gate, then reboarded. I was forced to check my bag (Gina was able to board earlier due to an upgraded ticket, so her bag got into the not-yet-full overhead). Thankfully, it was among the first half-dozen to arrive, so we took the shuttle to our hotel, and had a few minutes to breathe.

Then, off to dinner. My Aunt Cindy and Uncle Ron came down, and we met up with them and my parents for a nice dinner. Today, we’re shortly off to a nice hotel breakfast, then shuttling with my parents to the cruise port. There, we get to take advantage of their elite status to get onto the ship quicker and get settled into our rooms.

Ship, ahoy!

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