Sep 192010

Okay, I lied on Facebook … looks like I’m updating this again sooner than I thought. Just had myself a cruller from Tim Horton’s for breakfast, we’ve got Strange Brew on the TV, and I’m finishing up my coffee.

Toronto’s been a beauty, eh.

View from Camara & Greg's

We’re staying in Camara and Greg’s condo, in their spare bedroom, with the spectacular view to the left. We’re on the 36th floor, in one of the taller buildings in the area.

Yesterday was whirlwind tour day; we managed to take in a large amount of the city in the early afternoon. Lots of food-related stops: St. Lawrence Market, where we split a breakfast sandwich four ways (already had a Montréal-bagel breakfast before we headed out), hot chocolate in the Brewery District, lunch in Little Italy at a sandwich place that Greg likes, dinner at 360 in the CN Tower.

Brewery District, a bit too zoomed

In between, we saw a lot of Toronto, some via walking, some public transportation, some cab. The Distillery District was a highlight — lots of little shops and and restaurants in a closed-off area that had a very distinct, quaint look to it. We went into a chocolate shop for some hot chocolate … which isn’t the kinda thing that usually thrills me much, but this was some gourmet stuff. Damned tasty.

Aaauugh! T-Rex!

Everything’s a bit of a blur today … but we’ve got the pictures to relive everything. Most of the pictures, however, were taken once we got to the Royal Ontario Museum. Greg went off to convene with his disc golf crew, and we had Camara take us … well, basically, back to work for her. I, of course, took many pictures of skeletons. The museum itself was an interesting hodge-podge of history and artifacts. I suppose in the states, it’d be qualified as a natural history museum. Regardless, we covered about 3/4 of the museum, which was all enjoyable.

Gina, Contemplating Toronto

We left there around closing time, made a quick stop back at the condo, then took a subway ride and a walk to get to the CN Tower for our dinner reservations up at 360, where Greg met back up with us. The dinner reservations were definitely the way to experience the tower. While there was a huge line of people waiting to go up to the observation deck, we skipped right to the front and were whisked up in the elevator like a group of VIPs. Doesn’t hurt that the dinner was excellent.

We had something between one and a half and two rotations, viewing Toronto and the surrounding area as the sun set. Very relaxing, very enjoyable, with good food and good company.

Today, we have a bit more seeing of sights (once Strange Brew is over, of course), and have planned dinner with Gina’s cousins. Tomorrow, off to Niagara Falls!

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