Jun 302015

After our few days of wedding festivities in Seattle, we hopped on another plane and continued our journey west, to Hawaii. We flew directly to Kona International Airport on the west side of the easternmost island, Hawaii, AKA the Big Island. A quick walk through the all-outdoor airport, then we picked up our rental silver Altima (which appeared to be the official rental car of the Big Island), and we were off to the resort!

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Jun 292015

This past weekend, Gina and I returned from our latest travels, the furthest of which reached about 4750 miles west of home. Or at any rate, our bodies have returned… personally, my brain is still lagging a few time zones behind. Our first stop was about halfway, in Seattle, for the wedding that prompted the trip in the first place.

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Jun 122015

We’re gearing up for our first trip this year, with another in the planning phase. Preparing to write this post, I realized the Dar Williams song I titled it after seemed a good fit (though I’m covering both Traveling I and Traveling II). Or at least its name did. Turns out it’s not really about actual traveling at all. But, I digress. We are, literally, traveling again (or will be soon enough, anyway)!

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