Nov 192014

IMG_4173By the time we hit the halfway mark in our trip, the weather turned from record-breaking cold into something much nicer. The morning started with really appreciating the view from our room (and its small—but existent!—balcony), the blue skies, the sun, and the fact that we no longer had to worry about wearing layers. I’d tweaked our FastPass and dining reservations several times for the first weekday, and while things weren’t exactly ideal, we were happy to at least have a plan in place.

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Nov 172014

IMG_0900Yes, it’s happened again… I convinced my wife Gina to return to Walt Disney World for our fifth trip, five months after our last trip, to celebrate our fifth anniversary, before the fifth performance of the show I was directing. I sort of had to sell my soul for this one: I’ve agreed to not ask to return—to any Disney park—for two years (it’s not that we can’t return, I just can’t ask to do so). So, hopefully I’ve packed in enough memories to satisfy my Disney desire for a couple of years. Of course, at my age, two years doesn’t seem like that long of a sentence. Plus, Gina started prompting us to look into Disney Vacation Club, so I can keep the magic alive for the future. Continue reading »

Nov 102014

accomplice-200I just finished my latest directing endeavor, the Rupert Holmes comedy-thriller Accomplice, at the Barley Sheaf Players in Lionville, Pennsylvania. I’ve decided to make a few “behind the scenes” posts, documenting some of the process and the decisions involved. There’s no plan as to how or what I’ll post, so don’t expect a chronological or comprehensive guide to all things Accomplice; I’m just writing about what strikes me, when I have the time to do so. To begin, the story behind the somewhat polarizing curtain speech that I created for the show. Continue reading »