Sep 222010

We’re currently winding down our final night in our hotel room, after a long day of winerying. I’m pretty sure I can officially call whatever I’ve been fighting off all week a gen-u-ine cold, so I’m fairly exhausted. Without counting wineries on bottles we bought, I doubt I could even say how many we visited today.

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Sep 152010

Not much to say yet, other than we’re off and running on our latest travels!

Left about a quarter of 11 yesterday morning, stopped in central NJ for lunch, then — other than a quick stop for gas maybe 15 minutes out — it was a straight shot all the way to our first stop in Brattleboro, Vermont!

This is the first time either Gina or I have been to Vermont, so we’ll be doing a little bit of touristing on our way out today. Last night, it was a simple dinner at Ninety-Nine (the only chain restaurant in town, and the non-chains did not look overly appealing) and that’s it, as we got in around dinner time. After breakfast at the hotel this morning, we’re heading to a maple / cheese farm, cutting through the center of the state, and stopping at Ben & Jerry’s in Waterbury.

Then, it’s on to Montreal!