Jul 092010

One last update, as we’re flying back to Philly tomorrow. That is, unless I decide to update after today’s activities, but that’s unlikely … we’re back in Galveston as of last night, just one day left in town, so it’s just our typical “stuff around town” day. Yesterday, however, turned out a trifle busier than expected. Continue reading »

Jul 082010

Not much time today, as we’re getting a somewhat late start and Gina’s friend Cynthia is due shortly, but I’ll bring the hypothetical readership up to date quickly. (Updated 7/9 to add photos and links.) Continue reading »

Jul 072010

So we’ve been in Texas since Saturday, mostly visiting with family. Yesterday, we hopped into the rental (a Chevy Cobalt, which is surprisingly not at all bad) and took the 3–4 hour drive out to Austin. But of course, we haven’t just been sitting around since then. Continue reading »