Jun 292010

As I’m sure those of you inclined to read this already know, Gina and I are oenophiles. As such, we greatly enjoy visiting wineries … and there are quite a few more than you’d think close to home. We’ve hit most of the Brandywine Valley Wine Trail, as well as a few other locals.

Sunday, on our way back from a wedding in northern Pennsylvania, we hit one in a new area … and think we’ll have to return. Continue reading »

Jun 282010

I realize this is a few days late, but we were away over the weekend … and I hadn’t decided whether this was “blog-worthy” (I’m still not sure it is, but I’ve been thinking we need something on here other than vacation stuff!)

This past Thursday, 24 June, scattered severe thunderstorms rolled through our area. An hour or so before the end of the work day, I watched the skies darken and repeated bolts of lightning strike nearby (sure looked like it was hitting the same place twice). A seemingly bad storm, sure, but by the time I left to head home, it had mostly stopped.

Then, the fun started. Continue reading »

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