May 302010

Day five (I think … losing track, which is nice), and we’re off to Busch Gardens!

And, not far in, we’re greeted by more sheep. There seem to be a whole lot of sheep in Williamsburg … and we wouldn’t have it any other way. These were exceptionally cute, and when they brought out (what at least appeared to be) a bundle of hay for them to snack on, the guy to the right let out a little bleat and went running. Nice. Continue reading »

May 292010

Just got back from the reasonably palatable hotel breakfast, and we’re gearing up for what was the general point of this trip: Busch Gardens! This is my 40th birthday trip, and I wanted to act like a kid and go to an amusement part … Busch Gardens has always been one of my favorites. I plan to ride the Loch Ness Monster at least once for each decade of life. Weather forecast isn’t great, but I’m fortified with eggs and Froot Loops, and nothing can stop me now! Continue reading »

May 282010

So here we are, already Friday, and it kinda feels like we’ve hardly started our vacation … yet we’re about halfway through!

Sure, we have our tickets to everything already. Sure, we’ve had some lovely dinners and some good times with my parents (who are in the area till Sunday). Sure, I’ve been showered with birthday gifts. But we haven’t really gone to Colonial Williamsburg yet, nor have we gone to Busch Gardens. Continue reading »

May 072010

After a couple of rough weeks, Gina and I were thinking we needed a vacation. We considered a repeat of Gettysburg from last Independence Day, among other ideas, but in the end it didn’t make sense. We’re going to be spending a week in Williamsburg at the end of the month, and nothing within a few hours seemed to justify spending money on a hotel room. So, “staycation” it was!

From here, nothing can tell the tale better than the entries on my credit cards: Continue reading »

May 062010

Yes, after a little more than six months of marriage, we’ve finally gotten around to sweeping the dust bunnies under the carpet (they’re now next to the cat hair)!

We intend for this site to be filled with Glen’s vacation blogs (familiar to those of you who follow him on Facebook — for those unfamiliar, we’ll try to transfer the old ones here), various photos, and other news/information we have. If anyone has further suggestions on what we can do with this site, please feel free to suggest away!

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