May 262014

Greg & GlenOnce we hit Monday, we were down to a foursome, as the other two in our party unfortunately had to return to their regularly scheduled lives. I suppose it’s more accurate to say that we were down to two twosomes, but we spent the majority of our time together for the week. It worked out rather well, since we all seem to have fairly compatible senses of humor. (I mean, anyone brandishing a banana in a photo is okay in my book. Or would be, if I had a book.) For Monday, our main plan was Disney’s Hollywood Studios, to make use of some FastPass+ tickets that I had scheduled for all of us, so that’s where Gina and I headed after a quick stop in Magic Kingdom for a bit of shopping.

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Dec 162013

Gina and I live less than an hour from Lancaster, PA. In addition to the Amish stuff that seems to be an attraction for out-of-towners, Lancaster is home to a couple of big outlet malls, which are great for holiday shopping. It’s also home to the American Music Theatre, which puts on a huge Christmas show that we’ve attended three years running as of this past weekend. We’ve made it a tradition, including a trip to the outlets and an overnight stay.

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Oct 092013

Yesterday, we returned from our most recent trip to Williamsburg, Virginia. It was something like our fifth time going, and while still enjoyable overall, it was fraught with difficulties. Unfortunately, my difficulties. Still more unfortunate is the fact that I may not be able to do anything about them… but it’s long past time to try.

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Aug 062013

After a couple of good days in Edinburgh, we were much more prepared for our final day at sea than our previous, and I was certainly in much better shape than for our unexpected first one. The ship—possibly because of its size—didn’t offer a whole lot of activity variety for the last day, but we made the best of what we had.

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Aug 042013

Edinburgh from Waverly StationOne of the nicer things about this cruise is it gave us a solid two days in Edinburgh. The other cruises that we’ve taken were just a single day in each port (and sometimes an extremely short day at that). This setup gave us time to get our bearings and really appreciate Edinburgh. So, on the morning of day two, we walked off the ship, took a quick shuttle bus ride back to Inverkeithing, and hopped onto the train to Waverly Station and the heart of Edinburgh!

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Aug 012013

After a less-than-spectacular start to things, we were counting on Dublin to kick this trip into gear. The weather showed some signs of clearing as we pulled into the rather industrial-looking dock. After an early breakfast in our cabin, we headed ashore for our scheduled excursion: “Powerscourt Estate & Dublin On Your Own.” Continue reading »

Jul 302013

As the Barley Sheaf Players held their annual banquet, Gina and I headed to the Philly airport for our overnight flight to London Heathrow. I got news of a couple of won awards (more on that in another post), we had dinner at the Sky Asian Bistro (repeating our honeymoon lunch), and we were on our way with little difficulty.

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