Sep 182014

It’s been several months since I first posted about our “small trip” vacation planning. The plans went through a few iterations, temporarily settling on Cape Cod… then veering south after seeing hotel prices in that region. Eventually, we decided on a multi-stop driving trip focusing on Williamsburg, Shenandoah National Park, and Gettysburg: Hence, “The ‘Burgs.” Or, possibly “The Beers.” Continue reading »

Feb 202011

Gina’s about to shower and get moving for the day, so I figured I’d take advantage and write up something about setting out yesterday. Thanks to my parents’ elite status, boarding the ship was pretty quick and easy, so we were already more or less settled into the room before the cattle were even on board (spoiling us for future cruises when we’re among the cattle, I’m sure). The room isn’t exactly expansive, but the size isn’t bad at all — except for the miniature bathroom, I’m guessing I’ve been in hotel rooms about this size. (View my awful cabin tour here.) Continue reading »

Sep 222010

We’re currently winding down our final night in our hotel room, after a long day of winerying. I’m pretty sure I can officially call whatever I’ve been fighting off all week a gen-u-ine cold, so I’m fairly exhausted. Without counting wineries on bottles we bought, I doubt I could even say how many we visited today.

Full day, but a good one! Continue reading »

Jul 092010

One last update, as we’re flying back to Philly tomorrow. That is, unless I decide to update after today’s activities, but that’s unlikely … we’re back in Galveston as of last night, just one day left in town, so it’s just our typical “stuff around town” day. Yesterday, however, turned out a trifle busier than expected. Continue reading »

Jun 292010

As I’m sure those of you inclined to read this already know, Gina and I are oenophiles. As such, we greatly enjoy visiting wineries … and there are quite a few more than you’d think close to home. We’ve hit most of the Brandywine Valley Wine Trail, as well as a few other locals.

Sunday, on our way back from a wedding in northern Pennsylvania, we hit one in a new area … and think we’ll have to return. Continue reading »